Blackford Breckinridge Baptist Association

Your mission is our mission

Encouraging Pastors, Equipping the Church, and Engaging our Communities.

NeW Events


March 4, Pastor’ Lunch, 11 AM Patio

March 12, Pastors’ Lunch, 11 AM, Miguels

March 14, DOM in Field, 12-4

March 27, Food Pantry Volunteers, Hawesville & Walnut Grove

March 28, Coffee and Conversation, 9-11, Office



Several of our churches are without pastors...

Let us help!  Whether you need a pulpit supply, Pastor Search Materials, Review of References, or Bro. Brent to fill in.  Your association is here to serve.  We have a vested interest in your success.

Semi Annual Meeting

Our 2019 Semi Annual Meeting will be April 16, 6 PM @ Lewisport BC.  Join us as we celebrate another six months serving Christ Together.   This is also be our first time in the recently renovated sanctuary of Lewisport BC!


* Remember in case of inclement weather, if schools are cancelled the office is closed and all association events are cancelled.
















Artist rendering of new Association Ministries Building, please be in prayer for this endeavor.  Our hope is to have a building where our churches can minister to the community through ministries such as Bible Studies, GED classes, budgeting classes, cooking, backyard VBS, etc.  The DA Meador Memorial Offering is earmarked for this building.