Blackford Breckinridge Baptist Association

We want to thank the churches who have given generously to our building fund. We are nearly half way to our goal! We are excited about the new ministries we will be able to perform in this new ministry building.  Members are already sharing ways they believe they can assist others through this building.  If your church is willing to assist with some demolition, please contact the office.

Need a fresh idea?


The Association has several small group studies and books for consideration for your church.  Drop by the office to look over our library.

Several of our churches are without pastors...

Let us help!  Whether you need a supply list, Pastor Search Materials, Review of References, or Bro. Brent to fill in.  Your association is here to serve.  We have a vested interest in your success. Call Bro Brent to discuss supply pastors 270-202-9653.

Need a fresh idea?


Ministry is challenging in today’s world.  However, one thing will remain true.  The lost needs Jesus.  Let’s talk about the many different ways you can reach the lost in our communties.