The Blackford Association began in 1878 with the following churches: Blackford, Bethlehem, Cane Run, Chestnut Grove, Friendship, Friendly Grove, Hawesville, Lewisport, Macedonia, Mount Eden, Mount Pleasant, Panther Creek, Pellville, Pisgah, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Valley, Roseville, Sandy Creek, Union, Yelvington, and Zion.  The original name was Blackford Association of United Baptists. Later they renamed to the Blackford Association of Missionary Baptists. Years later they again shortened to Blackford Baptist Association.

The Breckinridge Association began a few years later in 1902 with the following churches Bewleyville, Black Lick, Clover Creek, Cloverport, Corinth, English, Garfield, Goshen, Hardinsburg, Hites Run, Irvington, Macedonia, New Bethel, Stephensport, Walnut Grove. Breckinridge Association has always been called by their current name.

The first Director of Missions was Rev. DA Meador, who began serving in 1944 and served until bad health forced him to retire in 1982.  Bro. DA served both Blackford and Breckinridge Baptist Associations in addition to the Salem Association.  During his tenure, the associations begin three churches, Friendship in Breckinridge Association, Cold Spring in Salem Association, and Seventh Street in Blackford Association.  The 7th Sreet Church was in Tell City.

Director of Missions following Rev. DA were Rev Rick Robbins, Bro White, Interim John Walker, David Stovall, Interim Raymond Ward, and our current Director of Missions – Rev. Brent Thornton.

In 1990 the associations voted to join office and staff.  The office in Hawesville and Hardinsburg were closed, and a new office was opened across from the Cloverport School.  They also voted to call a new 4 day a week secretary.  Breckinridge Association had never had a secretary, and Blackford Association had a part-time position, first filled by Cavella Robbins, and then Vernell Gooch.  Denise Hayden was hired in 1990 and continues to serve.

In 2010, the associations voted to join together as one.  By combining all resources, it is hoped that we can be more efficient as we serve the current and future churches in our association.

Through the years some of the original churches have moved to other associations, left the denomination, and closed their doors. Bewleyville, Stephensport, Bethlehem, Sandy Creek have all closed.

We have also opened new churches – Central, New Life, New Hope, Crossings…and are prayerfully working to open more!

The association is always working toward the future… We provide this look back to acknowlege the workers of our past.